Fire Alarms


Archangel Alarm Services is the perfect choice for fire alarm systems ranging from small multi-family housing to complex high-rise buildings and multibuilding projects. We have expertise in building layouts with complex smoke control, stair pressurization, and other related issues when designing a fire safety system.

Fire alarm systems save lives; therefore, to ensure your family’s safety or your staff at work, you must keep up with annual inspections of the system. The importance of annual fire alarm system inspections cannot be overstated. The majority of fires are reported by the alarms that go off in buildings, so it is crucial to make sure your building’s fire systems work all the time.

Archangel Alarm Services ensures that our customers’ fire alarms systems are always up to date and monitored offsite at dedicated facilities—tracking Normal, Alarm, Supervisory, or Trouble conditions. Our online system notifies the monitoring company of what is happening on a property’s alarm panel. They can then dispatch emergency workers if there is an actual problem with the building (such as a fire). We service all types of installations, including those installed by 3rd party providers or us.